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~Reiki Sessions for Well-Being~


Maintaining well-being requires having an abundance of vital energy, and a balance between work and rest. In our fast paced society, we often give so much of our energy to work and other responsibilities that we become depleted; and do not give ourselves enough time to rest and replenish our energy reserves. When we do try to rest, we may feel wound up and unable to fully relax, thus feel chronically tired and tense.

Reiki: Energy

Reiki is a Japanese gentle method of stress reduction that promotes relaxation and free flow of energy in the body. Through simple, non-invasive techniques the body receives energy and is allowed to rest, settling into it’s natural state of balance.  Soothing music and calm surroundings  all contribute to a peaceful experience. An excellent way to restore your energy, especially when you’ve been working hard or have been experiencing a lot of stress.



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