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Rite of Passage Ceremonies

Rites of Passage

Most of us mark the most significant milestones -”rites of passage”- in our lives with a ceremony, such as: graduation, weddings, the birth of a child, and funerals. However there are many other important rites of passage that take place in addition to the major ones:

Moving out of or into a new home
Career Downsizing/Career Change
Embarking on a Healing Journey
Recovery from Illness
Survivor Ceremonies

If you are undergoing any of these rites of passage, how can ceremony help? When you are on the threshold of an important ending or beginning, it can be exciting, chaotic and feel scary. Ceremony can help you to center yourself, by providing you with a special time and space in which you can acknowledge this important time in your life. In the ceremonial space you can express what is meaningful to you about this passage, affirm your intentions, acknowledge what is being let go of, and receive support. All of this can help you to feel more focused and grounded; and infuse you with vital energy for the next phase of your journey.


Reparative Ceremonies

Perhaps, after reading this, you may be thinking of a rite of passage in the past that you didn’t have a ceremony for, and would have liked to have one; or you had a ceremony that did not fill your needs (for example a funeral for a loved one that was fraught with family drama).  You may still feel that something is unresolved or missing. You may feel like you haven’t fully transitioned into your new phase of life. Though you have already undergone that rite of passage, you can have a ceremony  now that will address what wasn’t acknowledged at that past time. It’s never too late to get the resolution and comfort that you need.

I would be happy to help you design a ceremony that fits your needs. Contact me for a consultation.