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Baby Namings & Blessings

Your precious little one is here!

What better way to officially welcome her or him into the world than with a blessing ceremony? This is a special time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the wonder of this new little person, and your joy at becoming parents. If you want an alternative to the traditional christening, a non-denominational baby blessing is an excellent option that will allow you to acknowledge this important occasion according to your personal beliefs.

As a Master Life-Cycle Celebrant® and Non-denominational Minister, I have the knowledge and experience in how to custom craft truly meaningful ceremonies. I will provide you with guidance and unique ideas to express the significance of this special moment. Together we can create a sweet, lighthearted ceremony that honors your baby, affirms your commitment as parents, and strengthens your bonds as a family.

Would you like to see what such a ceremony can look like? Watch Mason Robert Tanzcos’s baby blessing ceremony here:

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