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Testimonials & Picture Gallery

Lindsey and Adam
Photo: Robert Norman Photography

Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony. I cannot adequately express how much Adam and I enjoyed working with you, and how thrilled we were (still are!) with the final result. Family and friends are still remarking on how great the ceremony was; many commenting that it was the best they had been to – ever. It truly was an amazing day for us.

~Lindsey and Adam


Words cannot describe what a beautiful wedding ceremony we had because of you. Your words brought warm smiles and joyful tears to us, our family and close friends. For months and months after our ceremony, numerous people said that our ceremony was very special, and I couldn’t agree with them more. Occasionally we love to take out our beautiful keepsake of our ceremony and are transported back to that very special time in our lives Thank you for your amazing talents and making our wedding everything we dreamed of.

~Emma and Joseph Pajonas


We wanted to say thank you for the beautiful service you performed at our wedding. We were both extremely pleased with how everything went. You spoke eloquently and did a wonderful job portraying the type of relationship we have and the love that we share to our family and friends.

 Not only did we think it was perfect, but we have heard nothing but compliments from our guests regarding how great the service was. We’ve heard it described as many things including beautiful, unique, joyous, original, fun, etc. But most of all, to us, it was a great depiction of the love that we have for each other and a perfect way to start our lives together as husband and wife.

 Once again, thank you for everything. You’re guidance and thoughtfulness throughout the process was not only a great asset, but also helped us express and even discover some of our feelings for each other.

~Jeff and Marisa Zullo


Danielle and Juan

 Everyone STILL is talking about what an amazing job you did with our ceremony!

~Danielle and Juan


We wanted to share our gratitude for the absolutely amazing job you did with our ceremony. It was more than we ever imagined it would be. Your choice of words and the feelings evoked through out the ceremony could not have been more perfect. You were able to capture the essence of our relationship and the things we hold dear to us with every phrase. We received so many complements from our guests for our choice of ceremony style and delivery and we attribute it all to you!

It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so so so much for being such an integral part of the excitement and beauty of our special day.

 ~Christian and Brig


I wanted to tell you how happy Robb and I were with our ceremony! Even now, 4 months later, eople are still raving about how beautiful and personal everything was – which was exactly what we wanted! Our ceremony was unique, intimate and memorable. You did an amazing job!

~Lisa and Robb


Dana and Sharine

You have not only married us but guided us through this process and been a great resource. Thank you for making this special time in our lives a celebration that we will never forget and one in which you played a key role.

~Dana and Sharine


This is just a brief message to express once again our deepest gratitude for what you did for us on our very special day! Everything in our ceremony was as we pictured it in our dreams. Thank you for bearing with us with all the things we had going in our lives. Your sweetness and your patience before, during and after our wedding are very much appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you very, very much!

~Gloria & Chris Repp


Thank you so much for your inspired work on our ceremony! We received endless compliments on the ceremony during the reception. The ceremony was personal for us and for our guests, and evoked the exact emotions, level of intimacy and humor that we wanted. Thank you so much!

~Max and Tori Von Dietsch


Lavita and Paul
Photo by: Matthew Murphy

We want to take the time to say THANK YOU  for all of your work on making our special day EXTRA special. We appreciate your flexibility, your guidance and the time you put in to creating a ceremony that felt so right to us. We will never forget such an amazing day in our history as a couple or the major part you played in ir. We truly are grateful for all that you’ve done.

~Lavita and Paul


Thank you so very much for making our ceremony so beautiful and special. You truly have a great gift for uniting people and we feel so lucky we found you. Thank you for an unforgettable day!

~Andrea and Dan Ricciardi


We cannot express how thankful we are for the wonderful ceremony Elizabeth gave at our wedding.  Even now, almost four months later, our wedding guests rave about how personal, intimate, thoughtful, and special our ceremony was.  And the hand-fasting brought everyone to tears, it was unique and incredibly moving. From the very beginning Elizabeth made us feel comfortable and allowed us to be as involved as we wanted in creating our unique wedding ceremony.  And the fact that we have the ceremony beautifully typed means that we will have the opportunity to look back on our wonderful wedding day.  Thank you so much for everything!

~Dan and Alexis MacIlvain


Julia and I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did officiating our ceremony. Everyone said how amazing you were and what a beautiful ceremony it was. We certainly were lucky with the weather! Thanks for helping to make the most important day of our lives also the happiest.

 ~Mark and Julia Gray


Alison and Daniel

Thank you for writing and performing such a wonderful service for us. We continue to get compliments on it, and Alison and I can’t think of anything we would have done differently (except maybe eat more chocolate!). Thank you again for helping to make our wedding so memorable.

~Daniel and Alison


Eric and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony you gave us. Both of us were nervous; Eric had some very specific requirements about what the ceremony should sound like, and I was particularly concerned about the timing. I was wondering if you would put as much effort in creating a simple civil ceremony as you put in creating the more elaborate ones, and I am delighted that you did. We got exactly the kind of ceremony we wanted, the kind that matches our personalities, values and beliefs. The fact that you were punctual, professional and so personable helped me feel a little less nervous. My intuition about you was right; I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much!

 ~Ivana and Eric


Thank you so much for writing and conducting our beautiful wedding ceremony!  It was exactly what we hoped it would be – touching, personal and true to our relationship.  Everyone was truly struck by how personal it was and how it reflected who we are, both as individuals and as a couple. 

 Throughout the process, we really appreciated the effort you took to get to know us and to include us in the writing of the ceremony.  We were also happy that you took the time to explain some of the ceremonies that we were not aware of.  We’re thrilled that we finally settled on the Unity Candle Ceremony because it symbolized our coming together AND we now have a beautiful memento from our ceremony!  Truly, we loved your approach . . . and loved the outcome even more.

 When we met you, we had a pretty good idea that you would be the perfect wedding celebrant for us.  Working with you before the wedding made us even more confident that we had made the right choice.  As we stood at the altar, the match proved to be a good one!  Thank you again for a perfect wedding ceremony!

~Rachel and Nick Damiani


Sarah and James

 We were so happy to have found you. Your peaceful, beautiful soul was such a comfort, as well as reassuring during the whole process. So much so that it almost cured my jitters! Thank you again for everything.

~James and Sarah